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Client confidentiality

    1, to client confidentiality is our bounden duty
interest of the customer is the core and the future, is the only business survival involves every aspect of the business. Of confidentiality to clients, are properties that are not free to customers in the enterprise's orders, including customer orders product name, type, amount, signature style, save money transfer, transport, service stations, as well as the customer's name, contact information, commissioned by the company to pay the sum, revealed to others, the company has the responsibility of client confidentiality.
at present, client confidentiality notwithstanding the provisions corresponding provisions of some laws and regulations, but, in the absence of special laws, resulting in customer gift enterprises to client confidentiality does not understand, do not pay attention to the problem.
2, customer information is privacy and trade secrets
customer information for customer privacy, then what does it mean for the company? Customers can bring economic benefits for customers and the Division of information, but not at liberty to disclose the information to any person or organization, and the Department is also taking the appropriate security measures to protect. This is in line with the law against unfair competition article 10th of the definition of trade secret. Thus, for the company customer information involved is commercial secret. Commercial secret infringement is infringement and acts of unfair competition. Anti-not due competition method 20th article provides: "operators violation this method provides, to was against of operators caused damage of, should bear damage compensation responsibility, was against of operators of loss to calculation of, compensation amount for against people in against during for infringement by get of profit; and should bear was against of operators for survey the operators against its lawful rights and interests of of not due competition behavior by paid of reasonable costs. "So should keep secret customer deposits according to law.
with the increasingly fierce competition, commercial secret infringement acts more and more, and cause for concern. In China, following the law against unfair competition and other laws provide for trade secret protection after, the Penal Code also provides that the violation of commercial secrets, include stealing commercial secrets in a range of criminal sanctions. Thus, legal protection of business secrets in China is also growing, trade secret protection requirements have become more sophisticated, protect trade secrets to fulfil treaty obligations, to win customers trust and create a market environment for fair competition, will have a special role .

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