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Gifts in business communication

  business communication gifts, in all kinds of business meetings, business gifts play an important role. Gift choice delivered a powerful, sophisticated, knowledge and interests and other information. It can improve or damage the company's image. From the gifts presented to the Chairman of the Board to the advertising and gift business gift selection and presentation is not as easy thing.
United States companies spend annually on business gifts can cost up to $ 4 billion.
a recent survey showed that in giving business gifts of United States companies in the 47% answer is "effective" or "very effective", while the 39% of the company, at least "a little effect", found to be the only 2% gift is unhelpful. Why companies send business gifts? According to a survey, presents the most important reason is expressed appreciation to others (61%), the second reason for good wishes to develop business relations (54%). Half of the respondents in the Christmas gift, nearly one-third on special occasions gifts. Gifts gifts in more and more companies are recognizing that business activity is not only advertising is an important aspect of communication. Here is a little gift-giving principle, generally, as long as the giver's shoes, mostly for each other think about it, he would not have made too much errors.
you want unless you choose to accept the gift. Gift even if you don't like it, how can people like that? Not received as a gift last year to transfer him out of the year, or simply? G to abandon it, because people will be watching, you usually have to use his gifts to send gifts. If you are rich, gift giving gifts to friends should not be too lavish spenders, which sometimes caused unnecessary embarrassment, have the opposite effect, instead send a thoughtful gift would be better.
gifts to remember on the price tags off gifts, gift tags, gift becomes only two messages, one is: "our friendship is worth", another is "watch me! Next time get the same price a gift to me. " This message can be played all the gifts are rare in crash! In addition, regardless of how the present value, gift is better wrapped in packing paper. Sometimes notice this subtle places that show the giver's heart. Gifts must be taken into account to accept gifts of one application in daily life can you send a gift. For example, he got home so sharp pictures?
people to each other when visiting the family in until leaving, to remember the gifts at the door when you took out the gift, but he refused to accept because of modesty, civility, this time at the door dragging action, gifts rather embarrassed, to how to avoid such things from happening? Is the best gift-giving time, entering the door, few words to pass along gift, so that would not prevent the gifts on each other because civility, and the standoff at the door. Gift if you miss the timing of gifts at the door, it may be seated, master tea when, at this time, not only will not interrupt the enthusiasm of the original conversation, but can also add another topic! Gifts should take into account specific circumstances and occasions.
in to a private dinner, the General should be for the hostess a small gift, such as flowers, fruits, native. With children, toys and candy. Invited to the wedding, except art decorations, but also presented bouquets and practical items, new year, Christmas, General can send Calendar, wine, tea, candy, cigarettes and so on.
grasp the timing and manner of gifts, gifts should be presented in person. But sometimes the wedding can also be sent in advance. Ceremony celebrating the holiday, giving Bar Mitzvah may send delivery or mailing. With their gift gift card, gifts or hand-written message, installed in the envelope of size, indicate on the envelope the recipient name, affixed to the top of gift wrapping paper. Under normal circumstances, thus only one gift to a group of people is not appropriate. Gift recipient feeling of taking bribes and being fooled, and no donor who has neglected and unimportant. Gifts to people close to the gifts should not be conducted in public to the gift, to avoid the close relationship to the public that you are feeling supported by material things. Only light special gift of friendship, gift gifts of special emotion, it would only be appropriate in front of House. Because the public had become witness to you the sincere friendship need friendly, Word will not miss.


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