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Gift tips

  see how gifts to foreign customers.
to compare the difference between trade and gift giving. In General makes the domestic trade, giving at least a hundred thousand of Yuan a year or more. One is the gift-giving holidays, second, or send, sending are all expensive gifts, such as high-end cigarettes, tea and the like. And every year I send gift to foreign clients, but thousands of Yuan at best. Simple summary following:
a, and Christmas Qian sent cards:
1) do don't using flat mail, or Christmas past two months are may not be served;
2) can using different language, such as Germany customer can with German wrote Shang Christmas and new year happy;
3) If while and other company different sector of people deal, will everyone has copies, don't light wrote procurement who.
II, when going abroad will bring a gift recommendation:
1) scarves, pay attention to the difference between men and women would buy best women buy more, if run out of men, guise said to send his girlfriend or wife.
2) local characteristics: for example, Brocade from Nanjing.
third, the gift should pay attention to the details:
1) packaging is important, especially to the European guests, when I bought a silk scarf shopping malls do not provide packaging, later, bought wrapping paper wrap and write different customer names.
2) weight is different from: in order to save money, I tend to be expensive gifts General gifts, like this can send valuable customers, send ordinary small and medium customers or potential customers.
3) if not everyone has a gift, it is best not to. If it is a separate meeting with each other, you should meet, or sit down.
4) gift do not choose too heavy, otherwise run too much space, presents to tired to death.


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