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Gift giving ten taboos

  1, gift giving need to send new gifts, cannot afford to send people have used non-new things, nobody will like to collect second-hand goods.
2, gifts need to be in good faith, not to contain other motives, need to avoid some gift of innuendo and implication.
3, remember the gift gift tag must be torn off, whatever your gift is 3 or 300 yuan, first of all to tear off the price tag. Sending a clearly present, as if to remind each other, my this gift but I spent how much money. Do you expect refund? Also want to do an exchange of equal value, value for money business deal? Generally accepted that gift with a price tag, it is impolite. For you who wants to declare, is not smart.
4, give someone a gift wrap must be delicate and must not get into a stall, and need to be carefully selected packaging. Gift is different from their own, good content is important, good luster. Gift-giving principle is selected beautiful packaging as much as possible.
5, do unto others, and give gifts to their first look at my eyes like, like the gift you send. If you do not like some kind of gift, should not let others receive this gift.
6, needs to have a certain value, measuring at reasonable prices. The gift was too cheap and rude, in fact, of the gift should be measured in your relationship with the recipient, to avoid the embarrassment of both sides.
7, do not send mass goods, send a personalized gift. A homemade gift is unique in all the world, it will express your thoughts.
8, not frumpy, send gift takes some creativity. If you want to give gifts to one have no interest in anything or nothing person. Ingenuity, his (her) to see a very attractive show.
9, gifts you want to find out the donor's favorite target, others taste blindly grab a gift sent. Any experiment the taste of others not as gifts to selected items.
10, according to the professional to buy more practical gift giver.


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