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Bring you God's smile

  bring you God's smile, markets need privileges God, customer customer is your God, and the company's objective is the customer is God. Chou's "three smiles" to dump noise South wit Tong, scholar "three smiles" will certainly be able to win the favor of consumers. Greeted with a smile and give customers sent to face spring breeze, smile, in the minds of consumers into warm smiles to send, buried the feeling of attachment for the consumer. Articles like this straightforward interpretation of the true meaning of Confucian culture. Kong Ziri: "Dan food, drink, health, Fuzhi is dead. And, track people by Alex, quick fixes and the beggar disdain ". This what? Rude also. Is a better cultural and ethical quality, in a sense, people of a variety of activities, everything was a kind of cultural development, and reconstruction, it goes beyond a simple level, and deeper spiritual charm. Substance is that the people must be respected, respect for the personality, which will more and more become the quality sign of civilization. This kind of culture itself, has become a production factor. Look at the problem to a deeper level, the so-called spiritual civilization construction, is actually going to build, is the promotion of quality. By its very nature, civilization itself is more important the quality of productive resources. McDonald's to deal politely with children only, and do not know how many more times the amount of business. Development of this culture is the important contents of enterprise's brand strategy. Gifts to do good, is not in place on customer service, so customers do not buy your account, on the contrary, you've told customers, products sell faster, business, selling is not a commodity but a service. Telephone customers in New York that year to replace tape with live sound services story, just goes to show the truth.

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