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  reciprocity gift company limited was founded in August 18, 1986 in Kunming, Kunming, is one of the earliest professional gifts. Abundant funds, the size of a strong and has a number of professional and technical personnel. Company now has sales companies and sales department. Company to quality products and the best after-sales service, won numerous customer trust and support and establish a long-term good relations of cooperation. Kunming, Kunming courtesy gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts of Kunming customization, Kunming, Kunming Kunming gift gifts wholesale, network with Kunming, gifts, premium gifts, high-end gift company in Kunming, Kunming gift shop company in good faith, beyond the new idea and the efforts of the industry enjoyed fame in the province for a long time.
Kunming courtesy gift company, advertising promotions, celebrations as well as business gifts and Conference giveaways, enterprises, employee benefits, supplies and hundreds of thousands of goods such as handicrafts, and system for wall calendars, desk calendars, notebooks, business cards, brochures and other printed matter.
the company's business involves engraving, pennants, banners, VIP cards, name badges, Feng Shui Crystal trophies, ornaments, moved to the Qing large ornaments and so on. Our free of charge to customers design, advertising, local customers free delivery, free consignment domestic customers (wholesale). Latest-generation Feng Shui master door-to-door service, welcome new and old customers call to make an appointment.

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